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APS is committed to creating business value by delivering sustainable solutions through expert design, cost-effective manufacturing and cutting-edge technologies. We assist you to manufacture your products in the most cost-efficient manner and we keep your corporate knowledge totally secure, while helping you to increase profitability and expand market share.


SMT, PCBA and full product

APS provides a full range of mass production manufacturing services for home appliances, network equipment, power supply units, PCB assembly, cable & harness, touch screens and more. we utilize high-speed mounting machines, automated x-ray inspection (AXI), automated optical inspection (AOI) and other automated machines.

Hardware & software design

Technology keep evolving like a high speed train. APS provide state of the art design service to help our customers keep up with the latest and greatest.

APS provide full hardware and software design services at a wide range market segments, from consumer to medical at a very affordable cost.


IoT and mobile applications

APS is specialized in the process of design and manufacturing IoT infrastructure for electronic products.

we can provide support in software and hardware design and production for IoT oriented devices


A different approach, using a new method of manufacturing.

With over 30 years of manufacturing in Asia, we can guaranty quality, on time fulfilment and non compromised results.

We serve all market segments with capabilities to design, plan and manufacture mass quantities at a high quality

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