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Providing Everything You Need


Hardware design

APS provide hardware design for electronic products, circuits, flex circuits, single and multi layers

  • Machine to machine (M2M) interfaces

  • Microprocessors & microcontrollers

  • 4-bit and 8-bit low power for battery applications

  • 16-bit and 32-bit general purpose processors (ARM, Microchip, Atmel and others)

  • Video processors

  • Network processors

  • High capacity storage (SDRAM, Flash, CompactFlash)

  • Common connectors & interfaces (USB, SPI, I2C, PCI, Ethernet, RF, CAN)

Software design

APS  specializes in execution of complex software projects, including initial design concept & specification, testing & validation, and final product delivery.

Our experienced software engineers work together with each customer to ensure quality applications and ongoing support. For each project, APS assigns a project manager for technical development and a client manager for support and implementation issues.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework.

  • Programming languages include C, C++, C#, Assembler, and scripting languages.

  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) practices.

  • Agile & Scrum development methodologies.

  • RFP/RFI/PRD/SRS documents.

  • Software design methodologies including OOD, SA/SD.


IoT design

APS is an experienced IoT infrastructure design.

connectivity to servers, webservices, HTTPS and other secured communications. MQTT client and servers and other methodologies

Backhand & Fronthand

We provide design and development services for fronthand and backhand servers, databases, websites etc...


Mobile app design

We provide full mobile app design, including UI/UX design, code design, graphic design, for IOS or Android in native language or Flutter

Mechanical design

As a seasoned and reliable provider of design services, APS offers highly professional mechanical product design.

For maximum design flexibility and CAD/CAM compatibility, APS engineers use Pro/Engineer and SolidWorks modeling applications. APS engineers focus on the layout, design, engineering, CAD drafting and FEA analysis of mechanical systems and subcomponents. Our design team has gained extensive experience in the fields of agricultural, automotive, heavy machinery, off-road equipment, power generation and others .

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